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We offer reliable and quality corrosive / abrasive protection systems that will protect your surfaces. Our services are performed at workshop and on site.

Brick & Tile Removal

Effective surface preparation is essential to a sturdy foundation that for any lining application‭.‬ At Rubcon Industrial‭, ‬we possess the expertise and equipment necessary to perform these crucial operations‭.‬

Acid Proofing-Tiling

Rubcon Industrial has completed many projects that include‭:‬

  • Red‭ ‬&‭ ‬White acid tiling systems
  • Carbon brick acid tiling systems
  • Carbon brick lining systems
  • Ceramic tiling systems
  • Fiberglass membrane systems

Brick Lining

Rubcon Industrial has completed many projects that include‭:‬

  • Red acid brick lining
  • White acid brick lining
  • Carbon brick lining
  • Fiberglass membrane systems

Rubber Lining

We are industry specialists when it comes to rubber lining of vessels‭, ‬pipes and fittings‭. ‬We specialise in abrasive‭ (‬Wet‭ ‬&‭ ‬dry‭)‬‭ ‬such as mineral slurries‭. ‬Our main focus is on the corrosive side for applications such as acid and demon water‭. ‬Tanks and vessels are our game as we have successfully completed over 500‭ ‬000m of rubber lining over the past decade‭.‬

Autoclave Curing

The vulcanizing process demands expertise and specialised equipment‭, ‬both of which Rubcon Industrial excels in‭.‬

With multiple autoclaves strategically located across South Africa‭, ‬we’re fully equipped to handle any vulcanization application with precision and efficiency‭.‬

Screeding Systems

Ensure your floors remain protected from chemical hazards with Rubcon Industrial‭. ‬Our self-leveling epoxy flooring solutions are‭ ‬customisable for any application‭, ‬offering reliable defense against environmental dangers‭. ‬Trust us for dependable floor protection‭.‬

Fiberglass Membrane Systems

Our single‭, ‬double‭, ‬or triple membrane system provides the ideal base for an effective acid-proofing solution‭. ‬Explore our range‭ ‬of versatile applications to find the perfect fit for your needs‭. ‬Trust Rubcon Industrial for reliable acid-proofing solutions‭.‬

Chute Liners

Our premium chute liner offers more than just quality‭; ‬it incorporates a specialised friction feature designed to streamline the‭ ‬movement of your product from point A to point B efficiently‭.‬

Trust Rubcon Industrial’s chute lining solutions for enhanced productivity and performance‭.‬