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Our products and services are guaranteed to the highest quality standards and have been trusted for over three decades‭.‬

Screw Splice

A rapid mechanical joint solution‭, ‬meticulously crafted to promptly address breakdown situations and mitigate production loss‭.‬

With downtime minimised to an hour‭, ‬this fast joint ensures swift restoration of plant operations‭, ‬maintaining productivity‭. ‬

Rubber line & Grooving of Pulleys

  • Rubber line any thickness
  • Autoclave vulcanize curing
  • Groove any pattern‭, ‬shape‭ ‬&‭ ‬size

Pulley Lagging & Crowning

  • Rubcon Industrial can install pulley lagging in situ or at our workshop‭.‬
  • Lagging for grip‭.‬
  • Crown for alignment‭.‬

Ceramic Pulley Lagging

Rubcon’s ceramic pulley lagging will give your pulley an advantage‭. ‬Wet application grip and alignment‭.‬

Longer life‭: ‬Our Ceramic lagging is superior to other types of lagging‭.‬

PVC Conveyor Belts

Rubcon Industrial is skilled in executing mechanical splices‭, ‬along with cold and hot splices‭, ‬on PVC conveyor belts‭. ‬You can count on us to keep your plant moving forward smoothly and efficiently‭.‬

Belt Repairs

  • Paste repairs
  • Strip cover repairs
  • Mechanical repairs


Rubcon has the ability and capability to successfully conduct reliable belt repairs to get production back in operation quickly‭.‬

Second Hand Belting

Rubcon can supply you with the following reliable services‭:‬

  • Buy your second hand belt
  • Machine roll second hand belt
  • Recycle and cut to required width and length
  • Sell reliable second hand belting for your application‭.‬

Cold Splice

Our traditional cold splicing is still the most cost effective belt joining procedure‭.‬

Cold Accelerated Splice

Our unique CA splice will be found no where else‭.‬

Trusted by our clients for more than two decades the CA splice has no curing time and is the strongest cold splice bond out there‭.‬

Hot Splice

Rubcon’s exceptional hot splice is the way to go‭.‬

With our state of the art equipment the hot splice is not just guaranteed to last but also take less down time then a cold splice‭.‬